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Article on the XJS in the Daily Telegraph

A warm article by Jasper Gerard on the Jaguar XJS appeared in the Daily Telegraph, November 2010

For any self-respecting playboy in the late Seventies there were three essential accessories: a waterbed, a Bunny Girl and a Jaguar XJS.

Gambit in The New Avengers swanked around in a Jaguar XJS, as did Simon Templar in The Return of The Saint.

When my parents divorced I was sent to boarding school, where the one concession to pleasure was allowing us boys to watch The Saint on Sunday evening following our long return to that joyless establishment.

How I envied the Saint his freedom: the series was based on Leslie Charteris’s thrillers, whose covers carried such heroic slogans as “Simon Templar vs Europe’s Most Ruthless Man!” Most of all I envied the Saint his car and … Click here to read the article.


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