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Jaguar XJS Top Gear : BBC’s James May featured our XJS

Jaguar XJS Top Gear: Clarkson and May JC-JM1Jaguar XJS Top Gear: BBC Top Gear featured our XJS on Sunday 13th June, and again on “Best of Top Gear” on 8th August!

Top Gear presenter and noted motoring journalist James May explained how KWE rebuild the XJS and improve its handling and performance. The Jaguar XJS is a popular car with the Top Gear team who recognise both its visual appeal and performance as one of the great sports tourers.

The car featured is an Arctic blue 5.3 litre V12 first manufactured by Jaguar in 1989 which has covered only 47000 miles since new. The car is still in the process of being re-engineered by KWE and will serve as the company’s K-S demonstrator.

James was clearly impressed by the car, “It feels like no other XJS I’ve ever driven; this one feels fantastic!”

“(KWE) turn it into the car it should have been.” “A brilliant idea.” “This V12, this is just fabulous!” “A World Heritage Car – this is it.” “And the best thing is, they do the same thing to the Series 3!”

Jeremy Clarkson was also impressed by the car, “The best thing is – it mooned me with its beauty!

Well, we can add little to that, other than that the price, and cost of ownership, is substantially less than an equivalent car available new today.

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