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Car of the month: Jaguar XJS V12 coupé

Our Jaguar XJS restoration skills were fully utilised during one of our latest projects, which features as our ‘Car of the month’ for March 2016.

Fully restored Jaguar XJS V12 coupé

Fully restored Jaguar XJS V12 coupé

The new owner of this stunning example of a fully restored XJS V12 coupé requested that we first find and purchase the donor car.

We quickly found just the right car, agreed the scope of restoration with the client and got cracking.

We gave the car a full KWE suspension, brakes and steering renewal and upgrade to ensure a smooth ride and responsive handling. The engine was removed and given an intensive overhaul, along with the entire electrics. The headlamps were upgraded with HID Xenon fittings and a new stainless steel exhaust and overhauled fuel system fitted.

As well as an impressive exterior restoration, we ensured the interior looked better than new with luxurious new leather front seats with KWE-refurbished rears, dark ash wood veneers, and a top of the range audio system featuring iPod and USB connectivity, Bluetooth and JL audio speakers.

Resprayed in F-Type Rhodium Silver

Resprayed in F-Type Rhodium Silver

To complete the restoration, we stripped the entire bodywork to bare metal and resprayed it using Jaguar F-Type Rhodium Silver metallic paint.

Judging by these detailed stage-by-stage project images, I’m sure you’ll agree with the owner that KWE has managed to complete yet another exemplary Jaguar XJS restoration project.


Restoration pictures

Car of the month March2

Car of the month March4

Car of the month March3

If you’ve got a Jaguar XJS, or you’re searching for a particular model, and would like to return it to its former splendour with our bespoke restoration service, then call KWE Cars on 01635 30030.



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  1. May 29, 2016 at 4:00 pm

    I have a blue xjs like the one in top gear same shade of blue, except its a celebration model 6 cylinder. 1996
    Is it worth much, every thing works as new, the down side is the four corner sills slight rust near arches, the other let down before i got the car the owner before me had it stolen from him, he got it back, so there was slight damage done and poor repair in colour was not the best on rear side, no body damage., the good side is it seems to have been imported from japan, so it has less road salt damage than a UK car, it is a wonderfull looking car. Its in Ireland the insurance is 130 euro the down side is the tax being 1800 euro, in 9 years time the tax will be 58 euro.

  2. Chris Knowles-
    May 31, 2016 at 4:11 pm

    Hi Thomas, its value depends a lot on mileage. As a Celebration, if it were blemish-free and under 50k miles then I’d say a bit over £20k. With blemishes as you describe then perhaps a little under £20k so it is usually worthwhile getting cosmetic issues sorted out before sale. If it is really low mileage (under 20K) then it could be worth £27k. If over 80k miles then around £17k blemish-free.

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