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Classic Spirit Reborn

CASE STUDY – B471SFA 3.6 Manual XJS

Many people think that owning and running a classic Jag is something reserved for the super-wealthy. While it’s true Harrison Ford owns a 1955 XK 140 and Simon Cowell splashed out £650,000 for a stunning 1965 convertible E-Type, you might be surprised to hear that most of our clients are ordinary folks that just love their classics. Sam Barber is in his early thirties and works for a charity in London. He is currently the proud owner of a Jaguar XJS 3.6 litre and he is one of our most loyal and frequent customers. “I chose a classic because I came into some inheritance money in my twenties and my father was badgering me to get a car so I thought I know, I’ll get an old jag just like he used to have,” Sam explained. “The joys of classic car motoring awaited. I chose the Jaguar XJS 3.6 because it is a beautiful car that I remember from the 80s and because I could get a model with a manual gearbox.” “It seemed obvious from the first visit that KWE would have the knowledge and equipment to ensure that my XJS would run smoothly and reliably.” AFFORDABLE RESTORATION Since 2009, KWE have been on an exciting journey with Sam and his car. Sam spread the restoration cost out over a period of 4 years. It was fully stripped, rust proofed and resprayed. We carried out significant work on the engine, installed a new sports exhaust and we provided Sam with the full KWE suspension, brakes and steering package.

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