XJS & XJ from KWE Cars
Classic Spirit Reborn


KWE Launch a short video promoting the XJS

In December 2011, KWE commissioned MWS Media to produce and direct a professional film to promote the Jaguar XJS and our work with it. The brief was to create a slick, high quality short film, usable in a TV promotion campaign. A professional actor was employed, and the shoot took place in an aircraft hangar in Hampshire.

The car featured is the 5.3 V12 coupé which James May was filmed with on BBC Top Gear in 2004.


Article on the XJS in the Daily Telegraph

A warm article by Jasper Gerard on the Jaguar XJS appeared in the Daily Telegraph, November 2010

For any self-respecting playboy in the late Seventies there were three essential accessories: a waterbed, a Bunny Girl and a Jaguar XJS.

Gambit in The New Avengers swanked around in a Jaguar XJS, as did Simon Templar in The Return of The Saint.

When my parents divorced I was sent to boarding school, where the one concession to pleasure was allowing us boys to watch The Saint on Sunday evening following our long return to that joyless establishment.

How I envied the Saint his freedom: the series was based on Leslie Charteris’s thrillers, whose covers carried such heroic slogans as “Simon Templar vs Europe’s Most Ruthless Man!” Most of all I envied the Saint his car and … Click here to read the article.


Jaguar XJS Top Gear : BBC’s James May featured our XJS

Jaguar XJS Top Gear: Clarkson and May JC-JM1Jaguar XJS Top Gear: BBC Top Gear featured our XJS on Sunday 13th June, and again on “Best of Top Gear” on 8th August!

Top Gear presenter and noted motoring journalist James May explained how KWE rebuild the XJS and improve its handling and performance. The Jaguar XJS is a popular car with the Top Gear team who recognise both its visual appeal and performance as one of the great sports tourers.

The car featured is an Arctic blue 5.3 litre V12 first manufactured by Jaguar in 1989 which has covered only 47000 miles since new. The car is still in the process of being re-engineered by KWE and will serve as the company’s K-S demonstrator.


KWE-prepared XJS on BBC television

WineBookExtractIn July 06 KWE sourced and prepared a 1991 XJS V12 convertible for James May and Oz Clark to take part in a 6 part programme about French wine throughout August.

Rather like the film Sideways, the pair drove around the French wine-making districts in the XJS, sampling and describing the local produce. Two handmade wine racks were fitted in the boot.


As seen on TV: the sexiest car in the world

As I write, the staff of Top Gear magazine are working on a bumper summer issue in which they claim to have identified 100 sexy cars and to have arrived at the absolute sexiest car of all time.

It’s quite a project, and one I have been party to. Unfortunately, though, I am unable to tell you the winner because the issue will not come out until several days after this newspaper is printed, and I’ve been expressly forbidden to tell anyone. All I can reveal at this stage is that they’ve got it wrong.


KWE sponsors European MotorSport (EMS) Jaguar racing team

KWE has taken up the opportunity to join the other sponsors of EMS and we can be seen on the front wings of the bright yellow EMS saloons.

We fully expect to be seen on the podium at every race!


KWE at Goodwood 2005

The Festival of Speed seemed quieter in the Exhibition areas this year, but we’re grateful for the many visitors to our stand and for their admiration of our cars!

305_1_GenView-1As usual, every visitor said they thought the Series 3 XJ was the best saloon Jaguar ever made – for looks inside and out.

Our Top Gear-featured XJS got a lot of attention and again there was general agreement that the model is destined to be a classic – possibly even outshining the E type! KWE, of course, sets out to make these excellent cars reliable and practical for renewed everyday use.