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Classic Car Buyer’s price guide indicates good times for XJS owners

In line with recent news that classic cars are becoming an increasingly good investment opportunity, we’ve compiled a table, using data from Classic Car Buyer, illustrating more clearly the rising values of all XJS models, no matter what the condition.

The Classic Car Buyer price guide is compiled with reference to a variety of sources, including clubs, auction results and advertisements, both printed and online. It is impossible to accurately value a specific vehicle without examining the car first.

The listings below are intended to provide a useful guide only, and were valid on 22nd July 2015. Asking prices can vary widely between different examples of the same model. Our figures relate to private sales online. Dealer prices and values for insurance purposes are generally higher.


Data gathered from Classic Car Buyer and valid on 22 July 2015. ‘Before’ price refers to value in 2013.

Note: Conditions listed refer to the following:

The value of XJS cars has rocketed between 2013 and the current date, as seen in the table. These prices reflect the current classic car market in general, which continues to do well, with some models, such as the XJS, increasing in value at a more rapid rate. As prices continue to rise, it’s the perfect opportunity to buy that classic Jaguar XJS you’ve always dreamed of.

Time to buy the XJS you always dreamed of?

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