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Classic car prices still going up!

An interesting short article by classiccarfinance.com. Get in now with a KWE XJS! Click here for article

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  1. August 28, 2014 at 12:44 pm

    Nice find.

    I also see they have an interesting article on selecting the right dealer where they say…

    Here are the most important things you should be asking yourself about any dealer you’re thinking about buying a car from:
    – Are they known marque specialists? Knowledge is power.
    – Are they financially stable? Its always nice to know that you’ll actually take delivery of the car you bought (although with a finance agreement this isn’t such an issue).
    – Do they have a Consumer Credit Licence? If not, no matter – we can handle that side of things, but they shouldn’t be trying to actively sell you finance.
    – Do they offer aftersales care? This could be in the form of a warranty or simply having the expertise to look after your car in the event of a technical hitch
    – Will they be there tomorrow? It’s always best to deal with someone who’s going to stick around for a while. Relationships in the classic car world are incredibly important – even if retirement does sound appealing!


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