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More good news for XJS owners – join the ranks or miss out!

Earlier in 2016, KWE reported on the meteoric rise in the value of classic cars in general, and the Jaguar XJS in particular. The XJS has been widely documented as the next modern classic, with prices set to go up year on year.


Knight Frank, ‘The Wealth Report’ 2016

We’re happy to report once more that the Jaguar XJS is continuing to rapidly increase in value, from a slow start up to mid-2015 to a rate of 5-25% a year. The big stars are the rare 6 litre convertibles, and the pre-HE (1975-1980) coupés. It would be fair to say that the XJS is ‘doing an E-Type.’ In other words, as good examples decline in availability, the XJS is becoming very sought-after, with prices soaring due to the investment potential.

Although all examples of the XJS are rising in value, it is not too late to grab one at a reasonable price. However, a good un-restored example that cost, say, £5000 two years ago will now be going for £8 to £10k.

Now’s certainly the time to buy, as we don’t anticipate this trend changing for many years!

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