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Jaguar XJS for Sale


The Jaguar XJS continues to increase in value rapidly from a slow start up to mid 2015, to a rate of 5 – 25% per year now. The big stars are the rare 6 litre convertibles, and the pre-HE (1975 – 1980) coupés. It would be fair to say that the XJS is ‘doing an E Type’, in other words becoming very sought-after as good examples decline, and prices soaring because of the investment potential. All examples of the XJS are rising in value, and it is not too late to grab one at a reasonable price; but a good un-restored example that cost, say, £5000 2 years ago will now be going for £8 – 10k now. We don’t see this trend changing for many years…

KWE is not primarily in the business of selling cars – we are an engineering firm – but we are sometimes asked by our clients to sell their KWE-engineered cars for them as they trust us to find the ‘right sort’ of buyer for their treasured classic. These will be cars we know well and can vouch for as being genuine. We do also sometimes buy good examples as they crop up, for re-sale or restoration.


XJS V12 Convertible ca 1990 under 56,000 miles FOR SALE


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With unusually low mileage this V12 convertible makes a lovely driving car and a good investment.

Please ring KWE on +44 (0) 1635 30030


XJS V12 Convertible 1992 40,600 miles Solent Blue SOLD

Jaguar XJS for Sale - J555Click here for more information

This excellent example of the convertible XJS is to be sold by its owner, a KWE client. The car is located at KWE and can be viewed anytime, or test-driven by appointment. Please ring KWE on +44 (0) 1635 30030



XJ-S 5.3 V12 Convertible 1989 only 56,701 miles Jaguar Crimson SOLD

Jaguar XJS for sale - AIG 8876

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This well preserved low mileage convertible is finished in beautiful Crimson with Magnolia leather interior.  We are offering this car for sale with a full years MOT and a fantastic special offer for any one wishing to take advantage of our upgrades, purchased along side our Full Suspension and Steering renewal you can save yourself £3,000 off of the purchase price!

The car is located at KWE and can be viewed anytime, or test-driven by appointment. Please ring KWE on +44 (0) 1635 30030

Other discount offers are available with this ideal donor car or the stand alone price is only…



Ideal restoration V12 Convertible 1988 only 57,853 miles. SOLD

Jaguar XJS for sale -

Offered as a restoration project, this is a November 1988 registered XJS V12 Convertible with a very low mileage.  Overall this would make a perfect starting point to achieve a very affordable and cost efficient Classic car.  As with any of our cars, a full KWE package is available and with this car being a very low price to start with it could be a very sound investment opportunity.  Coming from Liverpool, any Beatles fan would be mad not to consider ‘Hlp’ping’ her back to better than former glory!!

£8,999 Call now to arrange a viewing or to discuss options 01635 30030



SOLD: Lister XJS Mark III,  7 litre, KWE-restored

Jaguar XJS for sale - Lister Black

Astonishing Lister XJS with 7 litre V12 engine and 5 speed manual gearboxSOLD at Auction £72,600

Built in 1985, this car has very recently been restored by KWE. Uniquely, it is based on the targa-roofed XJS Cabriolet









Occasionally, Jaguar XJS for sale elsewhere catch our eye. KWE is NOT selling these cars but they are worth a look. We can buy on your behalf and carry out minor or major restoration, upgrades and improvements. [Links may have expired].

Excellent Lynx Eventer, LHD, which has KWE suspension http://classicsportscarsholland.com/for-sale/jaguar-xjs-lynx-eventer/

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