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Jaguar XJS: the ‘great grand tourer’

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Continuing our series of guest blog posts, we asked loyal customer Tony Bray to tell us why he chose his XJS, and how KWE helped to make it ‘the best car it could be.’

Tony Bray 1“My love of the XJS started in 1999 when I acquired an AJ6 4-litre coupé in Flamenco red with oatmeal interior. At that time, I had just moved from being an employee to a self-employed consultancy status, and wanted a comfortable long distance cruiser as I travelled throughout the UK. Picking it up with just 26,000 miles on the clock, I used the car virtually every day until 2007, clocking up around 115,000 miles. Along the way the common faults required attention: new head gasket, and welding to the sills around the seat belt anchors. Although every journey was a pleasure, there was always the slight frustration that the steering was too light and lacked precision, the suspension a little too soft, the brakes not great and the headlights mere pinpricks in the gloom. Sadly, the torque converter and differential went at around 155,000 miles, and it was not worth putting it right. It was at that time that I became aware of KWE and their promise of making the the XJS the best car it could be.

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Funds were not available at the time, but I never stopped dreaming, and in 2015 I started on my plan to once again own this great grand tourer, but this time with its previous weaknesses consigned to distant memories.

With the help of KWE, we sourced a 1995 Celebration Coupe and proceeded to fully upgrade the suspension, steering, brakes, exhaust and headlights. This included full wax protection of the chassis, engine service, nanopolymer paint coating, and new interior headlining.

I took delivery in November 2015 and every time I take to the road it’s like being ‘Toad’ in The Wind in the Willows, overcome with excitement on the open road, enjoying the magnificence of this elegant cruiser – which now makes a splendid noise and eats up straights and bends alike with great precision.

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The car had previously been in store for several years on the Isle of Wight, and at the end of May my wife and I shall be taking it back from Manchester to the Isle of Wight for two weeks’ holiday which will, I think, be an apt place for the coupé to show off its new lease of life.”

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