XJS & XJ from KWE Cars
Classic Spirit Reborn

KWE adds professional valeting and leather treatments

May 2014: KWE is now offering a new range of body, interior and leather cleaning and treating processes. We can treat all but the most worn-out leather to look as new – and stay that way without the unpleasant sheen of cheap paint processes. The result is soft, new-looking leather with the original new colouring and a fabulous aroma of freshly tanned leather. The price is around £350 per seat, £500 for the rear bench seat where fitted. We can also re-colour the vinyl trim and of course other scuffed leather areas.

We also offer a full valet of the car – interior, body and engine bay including steam clean and treatment of electrical items subject to the cleaning. Price is typically £500

[Please note we cannot repair the commonly-torn seat piping in-house – this requires stripping the seat and having the leather and piping renewed as one which we can arrange].

This late 4 litre convertible has been recently fully valeted by KWE including engine bay and fully treated & re-coloured seats:


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