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KWE launches the HdV Pepperpot wheel

152_3_pepperpotWheelAt last you can now enjoy the timeless elegance of the Jaguar 40 hole “Pepperpot” alloy wheel brought up to date and available in 16 inch or 17 inch diameter, 7.5 inches in width.

There are big benefits to be had in fitting larger wheels with lower profile tyres to the XJS and Series XJ saloon. The original tyres are 70 profile which is very tall by today’s standards.

Our wheels allow fitment of a range of profiles from 60 to 45 while keeping the diameter the same within a few percent. These lower profile tyres add much needed lateral stability to the car without significantly reducing ride comfort.

Another major benefit is that a much wider range of modern tyres can now be fitted including Pirelli P6000, Yokohama AVS, Contisport M3 and many more.

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