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KWE rebuild a unique Lister XJS

KWE have been commissioned to rebuild an extremely rare – almost certainly unique – Lister Mark III 7 litre XJS Cabriolet.

This monster of a car, complete with extensive 80’s body styling by Lister, has a highly modified Jaguar V12 7 litre engine, pumping out an estimated 500bhp through a 5 speed Getrag manual gearbox. There is more history on the car here.

The car was sent directly to us from the auction rooms where it was bought in mid 2012. It wasn’t running and there were a few rust bubbles in the wings, and some cracking of the body kit joins. However, on closer inspection – which meant removing the plastic Lister bodykit, a major operation in itself – we found the body to be riddled with rust, and it quickly became clear we were into a major restoration.

The body has been painstakingly repaired with a lot of new metal, and modern materials. There is a massive photo collection here. The bodykit has been replaced, and carefully bonded back to the steel body. Modern foam filling has been injected as per the original Lister process – but this time much more care has been taken with rust protection! It has been refinished in the original Lister solid black.

DSC_0031-XL   IMG_2874-XL   DSC_0012-XL

The engine has been removed and received a relatively modest KWE “Perishables” service, along with a lot of detailing and engine bay tidy-up.

The suspension has been restored and rebuilt to KWE sporting specification, including the unique Lister double A frames which locate the rear suspension cage much more positively to guard against axle tramp when stimulated by that 500bhp engine.

The manual gearbox has been fully rebuilt, and a high performance clutch fitted.

The interior was originally cream with black piping and trim. The new owner has specified two-tone grey leather and carpets. The Lister logo has been incorporated into the door cards and headrests.

PA260003-XL   P4060023-XL   IMG_2614-XL

The cabriolet hood will be re-trimmed, and matching mohair applied to the cabriolet steel panels and frame. Unusually, the carbriolet came complete with a rigid rear roof section, as well as the more normal folding rear hood.

The car had the standard cabriolet and early convertible rear luggage box, but this will be converted to a full 4 seater.

The project is planned to be completed by mid-May 2013 after nearly a year of work. Pictures of the project are regularly updated here, so please check in and watch progress.

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