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KWE Valet Services

KWE has plenty of experience restoring cars to first class standards and we have in-house professional valet services. We can now make those services available to all. Please call for an appointment.

Prices – including 20% VAT:


Our ace valeter and technician Tony. Note carefully polished head…


Level 1 – Wash, chamois, standard polish, carpet vacuum: £90

Level 2 – Wash, chamois, standard polish, whole interior vacuum, interior detailing, tyres cleaned and treated: £180

Level 3 – Wash, polish, extra high gloss, long life wax, whole interior clean and detailing, clean and feed leather, engine bay solvent and steam clean, dressed, connectors cleaned and protected, tyres cleaned and treated: £410

For badly dulled paint we offer a machine-polish as a preparation for (2) or (3) above for £180

Leather refurbishing

Remove seats, clean all interior leather, re-dye seats and other worn areas in original colour, feed: £400

Where the leather has heavy creasing or has had previous repaint add extra £160 to prepare correctly.

Paint protection


Applying the nano coating by machine


A nano-coated XJS in Aston Martin Cumberland Grey

We now offer Advanced Nano Coating paint protection. This is a highly developed nano-scale protective film which lasts – with yearly polishing – for up to 15 years. The coating seals the microscopic pores in the paint more or less permanently (unlike wax polish) and is clear (wax tends to go yellow). The paint must be in very good condition – ideally new – so there is some cost in removing old waxes and finishes, dealing with minor blemishes and polishing. This cost is variable depending on the paint’s condition.

260914 (23)

A heavily-restored XJS in Jaguar solid black, nano-coated, complete with happy owner!

For new paint, the coating process costs around £650 (variable according to body type); to include typical preparation of old paint add a further £550

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