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KWE’s classic car news round up (August-October)

Here are a few news highlights from the classic car industry from the last couple of months…

Top five up-and-coming classic cars to buy now (Yahoo Autos)

Out of only five potential classic cars worth investing in, the Jaguar XJS has made a rather select list. Here’s what Yahoo Autos have to say about the classic:

“The XJS now ranks as one of the most popular cars among members of the Jaguar Club…and it seems like it’s finally emerging from the shadow of the E-Type. More of a grand tourer than a sports car, the styling of the XJS is aging like a fine French red, and it comes both in convertible and coupe form with lots of chrome, wood and leather to compliment what is in actuality an understated design with roots in the late 1960s, the golden era of GTs. XJS also has the cachet of V-12 power (although it was available as a six-cylinder as well).”

Jaguar XJS

Jaguar XJS listed among big names in the classic car market

Big changes for classics market (Classic Cars For Sale)

Pre-war and 1950s cars may be left behind by a new generation of buyers hungry for hot hatches and 1980s models like the Jaguar XJ-S, dealers from across the UK indicate in a special Classic Car Weekly survey.

It discovered that some cars, which were previously under appreciated, are beginning to command values that reflect their condition. This means prices are rising for 1970s and ’80s classics, and it can’t be long before those of the 1990s rise to fill the gap in the marketplace.

Andrew Welham stated: “Cars like the later Jaguar XJS models are moving, but not as much as they will be in two or three years’ time. Bills are the only thing putting people off the more modern classics, but as they get harder to find this will become less of a concern.”

Keeping your classic car safe (Classic Cars For Sale)

You may have worked on your classic car for many hours to restore it to its former glory or perhaps you’ve finally had the opportunity to buy the car you’ve always dreamed of and now it sits in your garage waiting for you to drive it.

Classic cars are in huge demand overseas as the value of vintage vehicles goes up so criminal gangs are ready and willing to grab your car and ship it off to a market abroad. At the same time as vehicle theft overall has fallen to its lowest level in almost 50 years there has been an increase in thefts of classic cars.

Classic Cars For Sale take a look at what can be done to safeguard your classic.

Cars on the rise named (Classic Cars For Sale)

Classic experts from across the globe share market intelligence on the models gaining in value – and highlight the ones that are struggling. Market experts from both sides of the Atlantic say prices for 1980s and 1990s modern classics will continue to rise – and they’re predicting that cars from the early 2000s will become hot investment tips.

Top tips include the Mercedes-Benz R107 SL, particularly late 500SLs, the Aston Martin V8 and Jaguar XJ-S.

Better-than-new restoration

Looking to customise a classic car of your own? We have the ability to restore our customers’ cars to ‘better-than-new’ standard, taking advantage of our many years experience in the field. Arrange a test-drive or visit to our workshop, call us on 01635 30030.

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  1. Philippe BALLAND-
    November 26, 2015 at 9:37 pm

    Sure the car is on esteem now but the car need a skilfull ( on the wet) & wealthy driver doubled by a fine mechanic as the Jaguar XJS like XJ’s has is shortcomings. But love of car is above all. I own an XK 150 3,8 & a XJ6 serie III, also many Jaguar before as 420, lot of XJ and I can argue driving a Jaguar is kind of drug, a magic carpet. This marque lit fire of passion of the same kind as Aston, Ferrari, Porsche, Alfa Romeo, the five stars of automobile story after world war 2, so the reason prices are raising as in the ’80, but also as money has came down to nothing in these days of pre-financial collapse.

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