Keith Richards' XJS has been restored!

KWE Restores 1989 TWR XJR-s once belonging to Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones.

1989 TWR XJR-s once belonging to Keith RichardsKWE is commissioned to restore the body fully, renew the interior and rebuild the engine, along with KWE suspension, brakes and steering.

This was one of the pre-Jaguarsport TWR-modified XJS coupés. A standard 5.3 litre engine is fitted, but the suspension was uprated with a thicker anti roll bar and stronger road springs. 15" Speedline alloys were more cosmetic than improving since the wheel arches do not allow significantly wider tyres. The interior is all cream with red piping, and the typical TWR white steering wheel.

The current engine will be retained even though it has had a major overheating event and the cylinders have been full of water for some years.

The body is very poor with substantial rust in most areas - but the owner wishes to keep the original body, and although a better body could be found the cost difference between repairing this one and stripping out another when the existing body is to be stripped and bare metal re-sprayed anyway is not so great.

The suspension, brakes and steering will be fully restored and the TWR-spec springing will be retained, albeit with all new components.

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