XJS & XJ from KWE Cars
Classic Spirit Reborn

This genuine 6 litre TWR XJRS is very rare – and came to us from Estonia! We have rebuilt the suspension, and provided a little more comfort for the driver. The 4 speed ZF gearbox conversion has been replaced with the original 3 speed (only the Jaguar XJRS had the GM480LE 4 speed box) again for smoothness required by the owner. The 6 litre TWR engine has been fully rebuilt, and a late decision was to ditch the troublesome Zytek EFI and ignition system in favour of a KWE Omex modern system to provide more reliable and integrated DEM (digital engine management) and to avoid the difficulties of supporting the old Zytek system in both parts and setup knowledge – both in very short supply.

XJR-S restoration gallery