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Rodent Damage!

We receive many cars which have had various parts damaged by rodents. Sometimes this serioulsy affects safety. We show some of the damage, the costs, and some solutions below.



















In the picture above one can see two wires in a harness chewed away completely and others partly-chewed. In this instance the owner got into his car, drove off and nearly collided with a gatepost because the brakes were much heavier than he expected – because the cables chewed-through were part of the braking system! This cost hundreds of pounds to put right.

In another instance, a freshly fitted set of expensive plug leads on a V12 were mostly chewed through, along with a number of hoses and other cables. The bill came to over a thousand pounds!

UMB090413 (7)IMG_2896

In the pictures above you’ll see where a mouse had made a nest by dragging pieces of insulation from the bonnet and bringing it to an area beside the distributor. The pest had also taken a good nibble out of various other items.

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