XJS & XJ from KWE Cars
Classic Spirit Reborn

This winter we’re offering a special package to improve your night driving, keep rust at bay and have your Jaguar serviced by the experts.

This great package includes a headlamp conversion to bright, electronic Xenon HID lamps, cavity rust protection and a 7500 mile service. For 2016 we are adding in a free local underseal renewal package

Total price: £2350.

Please call us on 01635 30030 or Contact Us for more details and to book in your Jaguar.

Headlamp Conversion

These pictures are taken in identical conditions and have not been re-touched. In reality the difference is even more marked since the camera tries to compensate and make the pictures appear the same brightness.


This shows the dipped beam from standard XJS (Cibié) headlamps. Note rather yellow beam and small range and breadth.


This is the view with KWE Xenon HID Upgrade. Note much wider beam (see white line on right), greater range, and near-daylight colour.

Our upgrade kit is carefully mounted in a dry area, and the car’s electrics are tested to ensure proper functioning. These units comprise an electronic ballast which produces a 30,000 volt strike pulse and have to be expertly installed. The installation causes no damage to the car, does not affect beam pattern (so can be used for left hand drive cars as well) and is fully guaranteed.

Cavity Rust Protection

To ensure coverage all round internal sections we drill (and plug) several strategically-placed injection holes.


This picture shows our attention to detail in our cavity wax rust protection programme. Here the vulnerable front jacking point is getting the full treatment.


This picture shows a car on our roll-over jig being re-undersealed. Again, we take a lot of care with the detail.


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