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We can arrange to have your Jaguar converted to run on LPG (liquid petroleum gas) by KWE-approved installers

This type of modification is now widespread in the UK and Europe in modern cars and vans and indeed is mandatory for some classes of vehicles in Italy.


Benefits of our system will include:

  • Fuel cost around 41p per litre, under 50% of petrol (at Feb 2006)
  • Negligible poisonous emissions
  • Longer life for the engine and exhaust
  • Wide availability in the UK and Europe
  • At least 80% of the petrol mpg
  • Close to petrol power output
  • Retains existing petrol operation – switchable on the move
  • LPG fuel gauge
  • Tanks are extremely safe and crash-resistant
  • LPG capacity from 60 to 130 litres (13 to 28 gallons)
  • Filler cap hardly visible
  • Extra 60 litre tank can be fitted

For information on the gas, its benefits and availability please visit: http://www.uklpg.org

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