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KWE can supply a range of proprietary and bespoke steering wheels with adaptors to fit the Series 3 Saloon and XJS.

Please Note: We cannot supply wheels with airbags.

1. The KWE “Newbury”

This is our premier wheel, hand made for us by London Carriage Craft.

It is based on the mid-80s XJS and late Series 3, 2 spoke, 16 inch thick rimmed wheel. The leather cover is removed and replaced with a solid ash foundation. Then 8 pieces of veneer – each mirror-matched – are applied using a vacuum fixture to each quadrant of the wheel, front and rear. The veneer is then clear resin coated and polished to a mirror finish.

The result is a beautiful, hard wearing wood steering wheel with an ideal thickness of rim, yet retaining plenty of Jaguar styling cues to give it a highly authentic look. The spoke design allows a good view of the instruments. If you are having your dash woods replaced at the same time, the wheel veneer can be matched to them.

Price: £1300 + VAT (fitting is free)


2. The KWE “Ascot”

This is a modified version of the Momo-built 15inch leather-covered steering wheel fitted to early XJRS models. We modify this wheel by inserting a solid walnut (or wood of your own choice) fillet, resin-coated and polished, and fitted with an original Jaguar acrylic horn-push badge. We can arrange to have almost any centre logo, to your own design, including the KWE logo! The wood can be matched to your own existing or new dash woods. This wheel is particularly comfortable to use and has gentle serrations on the rear.

Price: £350.00 + VAT (fitting is free)

3. The KWE “Goodwood”

This is the same as the “Newbury” but instead of veneer, the rim has hand-applied figuring under the polished resin coating. This is a 16inch wheel and has a very pleasing feel. This wheel has been recently upgraded to achieve even better finish.

Price: £360 + VAT (fitting is £40)


4. The Moto-Lita Mk9

This is a 15inch polished alloy 3 hole flat spoke wheel with hand finished solid wood rim with walnut veneer. Diameter can be 14 or 15inch; spokes can be polished or black, flat or dished and with holes or slots. Veneer can be mahogany or walnut.

Price: Walnut £360 + VAT; Mahogany £360 + VAT (Mounting to suit S3/XJS £85 + VAT)

5. The Moto-Lita Mk3

This is a 15inch polished alloy 3 hole flat spoke wheel with hand finished solid wood rim. Variants as for the Mk9 above. This is a traditional, slim rim wheel as fitted to Jaguar E types amongst other classic cars.

Price: £330 + VAT (Mounting to suit S3/XJS £65 + VAT)

6. The Moto-Lita Mk4

This is a black leather trimmed wheel available in 14, 15 & 16 inch diameter. Also available with polished alloy spokes with holes or slots. This is a fine-feeling thick rimmed wheel.

Price: £120 + VAT (Mounting to suit S3/XJS £65 + VAT)

Please note that we can supply and fit all of the Motolita range (external website link).

7. The Momo “Fighter leather”

A very high quality wheel in black leather with moulded hand grips – very comfortable to use. The wheel is 14″ diameter – ideal for the longer-legged driver! [Special order only].

Price: £380 + VAT (including Jaguar mounting boss)

Standard wheels

These are fitted as standard to our cars.

For leather finished rims we can re-trim in new leather in any colour.

16inch, 2 spoke, leather thick rim wheel with thumb grips. Standard on late 80’s XJS and late model XJ6/XJ12

16 inch, 2 spoke, leather thin rim wheel. Standard on early XJ6 and XJS

Motolita 15" Mk9 alloy spokes with holes, walnut rim

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