XJS & XJ from KWE Cars
Classic Spirit Reborn

For the bodywork we offer three levels of service.

  • A mild touch up and machine polish
  • A respray of the whole exterior and door shuts, with rust repairs, optionally with an engine-out engine bay repaint and detailing
  • A full body strip, restoration and repaint in any colour

In the latter two cases we strip off all the brightwork, bumpers, lamps and accessories and refurbish them in the process.

We always re-assemble with new or reconditioned fasteners – and with plenty of grease to ease subsequent dismantling.

We pay particular attention to any areas of rust in hidden areas and will not let the job go until we’re satisfied that rust has been arrested and vulnerable areas are re-coated. This approach is expensive given the luxury level of trim on these cars, but assures the customer that we have not skimped.

We urge customers to have their cars rust-protected since this is what, in the end, can kill off the car.

We offer full hidden cavity wax injection with special attention to wheel arches and rear portions of front wings.

We can also high pressure wash the underside, attend to rust and re-coat in modern underbody sealant.

There are some common rust areas – a typical one is scuttle rot on late XJSs. See more here.

We have a full range of valeting and interior refurbishment services. See here




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