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Six signs you’re a true classic car enthusiast

Are you a true classic car enthusiast? If you can recognise three or more of these tell-tale signs then the answer is probably yes!


1. You’re a member of a classic car club

You enjoy nothing more than socialising with like-minded motor heads. Joining a classic car club gives you an opportunity to celebrate the life of your vehicle, and the pleasure attached to owning it, with people who care. You regularly attend events where you bond over fond memories of your prized possession, exchanging tips on rust prevention and what makes the best chamois leather.  


2. You have a boot-load of classic car memorabilia

Christmases and birthdays have become synonymous with receiving classic car-related memorabilia and merchandise in a variety of forms. Your office has become awash with replica models, mugs, stationery, and various other car-related oddities.


3. You have named your car

Your car (an inanimate metal object) has a name. Your vintage vehicle is often mistaken for your significant other, due to the way you like to bring it up in conversation. Someone who isn’t aware of your auto-obsession may not realise that Judy is actually your Jaguar and not your partner. They don’t know that when you say “Judy looked beautiful this morning,” you’re actually referring to your car.


4. You like to pamper your car

You love spending your free time meticulously cleaning your car, top to bottom, inside and out. You clean your vehicle after almost every trip on the open road, carefully polishing its chrome detailing and headlights and shining its alloy wheels. Leaving no stone unturned, you like to ensure your vintage vehicle looks as good as the day it was manufactured.


5. You relish any opportunity to show it off

Whilst in the company of others, you relish the opportunity to show your car off to anyone who’s interested (and perhaps those who aren’t). Some compare you to a proud parent, boasting about your baby and its achievements. 


6. Nothing beats sitting behind the wheel

For you, modern cars simply can’t compete and nothing beats the feeling when you are sitting behind the wheel of your classic car. You’ll never tire of hearing the engine roar on the open road!


Feed your obsession at KWE

KWE offers a range of products and services to meet all your classic Jaguar needs. Whether you want to treat your vehicle to a new set of wheels or a full body makeover, we can tailor our skills to meet your requirements. We have become the leading specialist in rebuilding and modernising Jaguar XJ-based cars.


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