XJS & XJ from KWE Cars
Classic Spirit Reborn

Does KWE supply the cars or can I have mine re-engineered?

No problem either way. A full, serial-numbered and warranted KWE must have been sourced by the company in the first place, but we are happy to re-engineer a customer’s car provided it meets our stringent requirements for safety, minimal corrosion and accident damage. And it also must have an unblemished interior. In the case of XJ saloons, it must be the Sovereign model to achieve KWE’s standard specification, but again we can work with lower-spec cars by agreement.

Where do KWE get their cars?

We buy cars that have been privately advertised, often by enthusiasts and car club members.

Do I have to get involved in a lot of technical discussion?

Only if you want to! Our primary aim is to supply ‘turnkey’ cars to our own very high specification so that we can keep costs and delivery times down. But we are happy to get involved fully with special requirements, and our KR model in particular specifically requires customer input.

Which parts do KWE replace?

We replace nearly 200 parts in the engine, suspension, steering and braking systems. Most are Jaguar original specification parts, but to improve handling and reliability we additionally replace some key components using modern, uprated materials.

How long will I have to wait?

It’s quite simple. From the moment the specification is agreed and the deposit is paid KWE will deliver a K6 or KS in around 12 weeks. A K12 will take a little longer due to its V12 engine – typically 16 weeks. Upgrade times depend on specification, but an S1 suspension will take about 3 weeks. In all cases, an optional bare metal respray will add at least 6 weeks to the delivery time.

How can I pay?

Again, we try and make it as easy as possible. KWE requires an initial deposit of 30% paid on or before work commencement, or 50% in the case of a modest upgrade. Thereafter one intermediate payment just before final assembly, and a final payment immediately prior to delivery are required. Other terms can be offered for the largest projects. Most prices are fixed from the beginning so there won’t be too many nasty surprises! We can accept payment in all the normal ways including Internet Bank Transfers.

Why don’t I just buy a second hand Jaguar?

Obviously you can – but it will not be nearly as good! All XJS and Series 3 Jaguars will be over 15 years old and so the engine, brakes, steering and suspension will contain many components that are long beyond their safe and functional life. In presenting these cars as re-engineered, we fully expect them to last the owner’s lifetime. We provide a one year warranty with very few limitations and KWE will continue to support the car, and keep in touch with its owner, long after the sale is concluded. But most importantly, our cars are much improved over even an unblemished second hand car, and embody ride and handling characteristics well beyond the original. We leave nothing to chance, replacing all safety-related components automatically.