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What’s in our Workshop?

5.3 convertible LHD Jaguar XJS

Intensive interior and exterior overhaul of Japanese-sourced convertible XJS

An excellent donor car was sourced from Japan, where rust is little-known. The car has been rebuilt and reengineered in line with the new owner's exacting requirements, including an intensive overhaul of the V12 engine.

After much deliberation, the car was repainted in Jaguar Racing Green, with a tasteful blend of cream and dark green leather and carper inside.

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Jaguar XJS 5.3 V12 Coupé

A low mileage XJS; the perfect starting point for a full-scale restoration

A previously rebuilt V12 XJS coupé, which has paid us a visit for service and repairs, including new differential

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Customised V12 XJS gets Digital Engine Management

Increasingly customised V12 XJS pays another visit to our workshop

This increasingly customised V12 XJS has visited us several times, and is now in for our Digital Engine Management system which will release more power and importantly we can optimise the fuelling and ignition for various other modifications such as cold air inlets. View the full gallery here

KWE-sourced donor car gets the full works

V12 XJS coupé to receive the finest KWE re-engineering

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