XJS & XJ from KWE Cars
Classic Spirit Reborn

About KWE


As an engineering-based company, we have earned an excellent reputation for the quality of our work and in our ability to restore cars to ‘better than new’ standard. We understand that your car is your pride and joy, so while it’s with us you are welcome to review progress at any time. We also aim to keep you up to date with images posted online.



The experience you have with us is very important, so this year we decided to measure our customer satisfaction. In a survey we asked: ‘how likely is it you’d recommend KWE to a friend or colleague?’ The result was four-times the national average and something we are very proud of. Read more in our blog post.



We receive a lot of feedback from happy customers who are thrilled to be reunited with their ‘new’ cars. We hope you enjoy reading this selection of testimonials, and that the cars’ affectionate nicknames make you smile.

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