XJS & XJ from KWE Cars
Classic Spirit Reborn

Why drive a bland modern family saloon car, when for the same price, you can drive a re-engineered classic? Our cars appeal to customers who crave the individuality and driver satisfaction that only a classic design can provide. It’s also more environmentally friendly.

Why now?

Modern cars have become more and more alike – inside and out, and with only few exceptions have evolved into characterless if competent transport. Modern legislation has forced designers along a narrow path and given the discerning car enthusiast a dull range of saloons to choose from. Selling points tend to be minor improvements in gadgetry, and devices that may improve road holding for inexperienced drivers but which detract from the sense of control that expert drivers crave.

Successive U.K. governments have penalised those whose employers provide an expensed vehicle or equivalent additional remuneration. This Benefit In Kind (BIK) taxation is now based on a compound of exhaust emissions and new price, making the personal taxation cost of running luxury cars very high – typically £10,000 per annum. One can only assume this situation will worsen. However, for cars registered before April 2001 BIK is based purely on the original price or ‘fair value’, so KWE cars will attract approximately half the BIK tax of a comparable new car.


The finest classic cars are either very expensive or are an unknown quantity in terms of reliability and corrosion. KWE has created an alternative by bringing the price for re-engineered classics down to that of new family saloons. In addition KWE has developed the ride and handling of the 1980’s Jaguar XJ to put it firmly in the forefront of executive saloon performance without sacrificing reliability or serviceability.

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