XJS & XJ from KWE Cars
Classic Spirit Reborn

Sustainable Motoring


Sustainable motoring is a cornerstone of the way we approach our business. Our philosophy is to provide sustainable motoring using the most desirable features of luxury cars.

Why is that so important?

Because, using a re-manufactured car reduces the cumulative environmental impact in building yet another brand new car. A re-manufactured car is the greenest way to achieve personal transport. And a KWE car is the most desirable choice.

Helping the planet

In choosing to re-manufacture the Jaguar Series 3 XJ and the XJS, KWE sought to provide the most beautiful and accomplished cars as alternatives to new vehicles – but with negligible cost to the Earth.

The manufacture of new cars consumes enormous amounts of irreplaceable raw materials – platinum, palladium, indium and tin for example. Not to mention the energy cost of manufacturing and supplying new cars in a global market. None of these can ever be replaced for future generations.

KWE – the sensible alternative

KWE’s manufacturing costs in energy and resources are tiny compared to the continuous waste involved in producing the equivalent number of new cars every year. Most of which are crushed and scrapped within years. Contrary to common belief, the materials recycled from scrapped cars are not re-used to make new cars, and the rarest minerals are lost forever.

KWE continues to redevelop older designs by using modern technology. The result? Improved economy and lower CO2 emissions.

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