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Video Testimonials:

Low mileage XJS V12 coupé initially in poor body condition, enjoyed a comprehensive series of repairs and upgrading over several years – engine, suspension and paintwork.
Mr J.A., Berks
Tired 4 litre convertible in Signal Red restored and upgraded with reconditioned engine, renewed & upgraded suspension/brakes/steering, new leather interior.
Mr J.V., Bucks

Written Testimonials:

Thought I would drop you an e-mail to thank you for servicing the XJS so well recently. We drove her down to Cornwall the day after I picked her up, and we covered about 1000 miles. She performed marvellously, without a spot of bother, and was much admired as we drove along the lovely lanes with the roof down. I could see that you had spent some time sorting out one or two features inside the car… eg. the window switch bezel, the left air vent, and also the small plastic blanking pad on the steering column assembly. Thank you very much for all this.
Mr A.K., London, XJS Upgrade
Well I’ve had a chance to throw it about a little and what a difference. The roll bars have to be the most obvious initial improvement, the fact that the car stays level round a corner adds enormously to a sense of confidence. The revamp of the steering & suspension seems to have ironed out all the little oddities that I was experiencing and makes the whole experience much more pleasurable. I’ll have to play with the settings a bit on the dampeners as it’s a little bouncy but at least I can! Thanks very much Chris, I just wish I came to you five years ago.
Mr J.S., Tunbridge Wells, XJSC Suspension & Engine Upgrade
After a factory visit in a very business-like and professional environment the directors treated me with the utmost courtesy and showed how flexible their packages could be tailor made to my requirements… throughout the work I was able to visit the factory and talk directly with the mechanics carrying it all out… the handover day came, delivered to my home and with a bottle of champagne on the back seat… I also found the service, enthusiasm and professionalism of KWE to be a breath of fresh air over previous automotive experiences…
Mr J.A., Abingdon, XJ12 Upgrade
Chris, I wanted to thank you for helping me fulfil my long-held ambition of owning a manual, pre-HE XJ-S. The work you have done on the suspension, steering and brakes is exceptionally good; the car now handles, stops and steers really, really well. The attention you gave to the aspects of the car from a reliability perspective were also very well-judged and demonstrate your practical experience with the XJ-S. I am also greatly impressed with the way you managed the whole project, from the transparent pricing to the regular, comprehensive updates. Thank you!
Mr G.T., London, XJS (early) Upgrade

It is like getting to know a new car in a lot of ways. Very quiet, steering responsiveness is great, interior was clean for about 30 minutes until Simon walked in some mud. Exterior was clean until we hit the motorways. Very happy customers. The ride and handling is the perfect mix for us of not too firm, but certainly feeling very “attached” to the road. Our only gripe at this point is the (painted) coachlines which now show up as even more shabby since the rest of the car has been tweaked. But since that would require a full respray, we will hold off for now.

Thanks again for all the work and responsiveness, we look forward to having the car for many many years, and I am sure we will be back for more bits and pieces.

Ms T.L, XJS Suspension/brake/steering upgrade and rust repairs
I wish you could have seen the delight on my wife’s face when I rolled into our rendezvous in Kent. Oh it looks so nice! I was then very happy to nurse the lovely old lady safely back home to Andorra. (And the car!) Seriously though I am absolutely thrilled with the new gearbox and transmission. The inside of the car is a real joy too and lovely to live with. I was also pleasantly surprised at the number of appreciative looks, waves, hoots, and comments during the journey eg is that really an A reg?… Well done.
Mr M.D., Andorra, XJ6 Upgrade
It is a pleasure to relate to you that the end result of your painstaking restoration of my XJS is a resounding success. Not only is it easy on the eye, but purrs along the highway in assured majesty as befits the marque, with passersby looking and asking all the right questions. So I would like to say many thanks to not only yourselves but all the members of your team that enabled the project. I shall not hesitate to recommend your services.
I’m delighted that you have made such a good start already and many thanks for the photos. It really shows the benefit of your approach of prospectively replacing the things that are likely to fail and about a non-KWE car: PS I spoke to JF yesterday. He wrote his Celebration off after the rear suspension let him down on a low speed corner! Hence I do not need any more convincing that the rear suspension should be done too.
Mr J.H., Birmingham, KWE K12
I am absolutely thrilled & delighted (to say the least) to be re-united with Grace after these months of waiting and keen anticipation. The car drives beautifully and I feel life has gained an extra quality… no sooner had I stepped from the car when a gentlemen came up exclaiming “..what a lovely Jaguar!, is that the latest model as I haven’t seen one before and it looks stunning” (E858VEP).
Mr P.W., Berkshire, XJS Upgrade
Hi Chris, Thanks for your email. I am delighted with the car. Have been out in the car several times since – everything is working well and she drives better than ever. Many thanks to you and your team for the excellent work and TLC that you have spent on G67!
Mr L.B., Northampton, XJS Suspension Upgrade
I have to say that WAG has never run so well as this evening. Totally smooth in every way (left the motorway to get onto the A roads, much more fun!) and all signs of pinking and slight struggle gone and replaced with that hand in the small of your back power from the V12.
Mr C.L-S., Hereford, XJS Upgrade and Services
Hi Chris, Great trip home, car got lots of attention on the motorway and service areas. The drive from Carlisle to Stranraer was as expected a huge thrill, both handling and performance truly excellent – top class XJS. Many many thanks, Geoff
Mr G.D., County Down, KWE XJS Purchase
This is a brief note to say how delighted I am with my XJS. The suspension changes and power enhancement package have completely transformed this car.The difference between the standard set up and your upgrade is quite simply astonishing.
Dr C.S., Swindon, XJS Upgrade
I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the outstanding work on the XJS!! Driving home yesterday was a delight, everything worked as it should be; the drive was such a pleasure.
Mr R. LeG, London, XJS repairs
I will have to make a journey to the hospital today to have this ridiculous grin surgically removed from my face. Dealing with you and the rest of the KWE Team has been a pleasure. Many thanks.
Mr D.J.W., Lanarkshire, KWE Suspension/Brakes/Steering
I think you have sprinkled magic dust and made a good car truly great. Jerry will be my daily driver through the summer and complete at least 400 miles a week. I’ll keep you posted…
Mr A.T., Oxon, XJS Upgrade
THERE IS A JAGUAR XJS GOD AFTER ALL……… I could not believe my bad luck in braking down on a lovely hot sunny afternoon, enjoying driving my gorgeous 20 year old Jaguar XJS with the top down……when my wife commented that she could smell a “burning smell”. I stopped the car and looked underneath and to my horror the exhaust pipe (or so I thought) was glowing bright red. I immediately called the RAC who inspected my Jag and told me that it was mis-firing and would need to be towed home, oh the indignity of that! The RAC man was just organising this when a lady tapped on the window and explained that just around the corner her company, KWE Cars, specialised not only in Jaguar cars, but specifically in the Jaguar XJS. Within less than 5 minutes my car was being examined by 2 engineers and to cut a long story short my Jag was not only repaired (eroded cables to the distributor) but the car is now actually running better than it has been for a long time! I cannot thank you enough for not only fixing my dear old car but also being less than 5 minutes away from where I broke down (the first time I have ever broken down in 15 years of owning the car). So, for sure there must be a Jaguar XJS God and he was certainly looking down on me last week! If your other services are a fraction of what you showed to me, then I would have no hesitation in recommending KWE to other Jaguar owners. Once again, many many thanks for helping me out last week.
Mr J.H., Camberley
Hi Chris Thanks again for a fantastic job – I’m absolutely delighted, and she drove back beautifully. And thanks for the bottle of fizz!  All the best Mark.
Mr M.D., XJS Upgrade
Just back from UK and 4 days driving GCW in Suffolk and now back to Brussels. Better than fantastic. Love the car. Still learning how to drive it and did not push at all… just enjoyed the experience. Thanks for your wonderful work.
Mr JG, Brussels, XJS Full suspension upgrade
Despite the blood turning to water as the auto-trans warning light came on after collecting the car from you, it has not come on again. The car went back to Guy Salmon’s at Thames Ditton for its MoT and went straight through –the technician only too aware that the alternative wouldn’t bear thinking about.
It is running sweetly and a pleasure to have that feeling after weeks of agitation prior to the work being carried out. So, my sincere appreciation to you and your colleagues and to Theresa for picking me up.
Mr RM, Surrey, XJS massive emissions problem repair
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