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We think that the Jaguar XJ and XJS models are two of the most beautiful luxury saloon and accomplished sports cars ever made. Our restoration services bring out the best in these classic models.

The cars are extensively restored in all the performance, safety and visual areas to ‘as-new’ or better, and carry a guarantee. This formula gives the customer a new car with far greater charm and driver satisfaction than today's bland offerings.

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Why Jaguar?

Jaguar cars of the 1980 – 1996 period embody a modern design and with careful re-engineering drive better than today’s cars. With over 400,000 XJ and 115,000 XJS bodies built there is no shortage of base models, many of which are in excellent basic condition. Furthermore there remain very large stocks of spare parts, with many still in production.

The XJ Series 3 was the culmination of a design developed since 1968. In V12 form, the XJ was in production until 1992. The Italian design house, Pininfarina, reworked the body for the Series 3 and it is regarded as one of the most beautiful and sensuous designs ever created.

The XJS is a unique design by Malcolm Sayer, not derived from an existing shape and never copied. This makes it one of the most important sports car designs. We have no doubt that this will become as sought-after as the E type is now, and is certainly a more accomplished car. Superb aerodynamics give the car a very high top speed and enormous appeal. Superb handling and road holding make the KWE K-S unbeatable.

These cars are strongly built and provide very high levels of passive safety in collisions. They have one of the lowest fatal accident records. Jaguar have always designed and built cars of exceptional engineering excellence and yet sold them at highly competitive prices. KWE builds on this tradition.

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Introducing the Jaguar XJS

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