KWE Restored 6.1 Litre TWR Lynx Eventer For Sale at Auction

KWE Restored 6.1 Litre TWR Lynx Eventer For Sale at Auction

The Lynx Eventer

The Lynx eventer is an XJS Coupe converted to a shooting brake body style. This was achieved by deleting the buttresses and extending the roof from the B pillars back to the rear light cluster, the Eventer conversion also involved pushing the rear seats backward, elongating the rear quarter trims, relocating the fuel tank, and stiffening the rear suspension due to the change in both front-to-rear weight bias and centre of gravity, adding a rear tailgate (complete with a wiper and washer) and revising the rear seats so they could be folded flat, creating a 6-foot-long boot area.

Lynx Engineering

Founded by Guy Black, Chris Keith-Lucas, and Roger Ludgate in 1968, Lynx Engineering began converting the XJS from 1983, they converted 67 XJS over 16 years, 52 pre-facelift and 15 facelifted cars. They converted various engine models including the 5.3 V12, 3.6, 4.0 straight six and THIS one-off 6.1 litre V12 rebuilt and tuned by TWR.

Tom Walkinshaw Racing

Prior to its conversion by Lynx, Tom Walkinshaw Racing received the standard XJS V12 in 1986 with only 342 miles where it was rebuilt to 6.1 litre and tuned to 380bhp by enhancing the original V12 engine and gearbox. In addition, a TWR suspension kit, TWR Power Assisted Steering Valve and TWR JaguarSport 16″ Speedline alloy wheels were fitted.

Knowles-Wilkins Engineering

In 2011, the current owner brought the car to Knowles-Wilkins Engineering, Jaguar XJS restoration specialists where it was comprehensively restored at 64k-miles. This included a full renewal and upgrade of the front and rear suspension, brakes and steering assemblies to TWR XJR-S specification using DB7 springs and KWE specified adjustable dampers. The underside rust had been professionally weld repaired and fully protected by re-undersealing and injecting Waxoyl throughout the body cavities and chassis box sections. The lower panels and roof were replaced and repaired to a high standard before repainting in the original Claret red. The HVAC system was recommissioned and the 6.1 V12 engine underwent a perishable service by which all coolant hoses, drive belts, ignition leads, spark plugs are replaced and the cooling system refreshed along with a 15k-mile service to the engine and body. A custom large bore stainless steel exhaust system was fitted complete with the trademark XJR-S quad tail pipes. The list goes on, the interior was refreshed and many general repairs were carried out to regain reliability, comfort, aesthetics and recommission various functionalities. You can view some images of the restoration in the KWE restoration gallery here:


It’s now due to be offered for sale by Bonhams at the Goodwood Members’ Meeting Sale on the 29th of March.

The estimated value of the car is between £55,000 and £65,000, if you’d like to read more about it or register to bid you can click here to view the listing.

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