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Jaguar XJS Restoration - completed black car

Jaguar ‘better than new’ restoration services: We produce modernised, re-engineered and restored luxury classic cars that are equivalent to new cars in handling and reliability, but retain their essential style and ride comfort.

Our engineering knowledge and passion for Jaguar cars enables us to offer a high-quality restoration service. Our ability to understand problems, develop and improve cars comes from processes evolved over many years’ experience. 

“Having a classic Jaguar sourced and restored by us is like buying a new car but with all the pride of ownership and driving pleasure of a classic car. We offer turn-key cars which incorporate all your individuality – colour, trim, engine enhancements, handling and more”. Chris Knowles, M.D.

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Jaguar restoration

First, we go through the basic specification with the client– engine size, body type, colour etc. – and buy the best quality donor car we can find, thoroughly assessed against a checklist of potential defects in areas such as rust, bodywork, interior, repairs and electrical systems.

We then strip out the engine, braking, steering and suspension systems.

The engine is externally stripped and sent off for complete internal renewal by machining specialists. Meanwhile the body is thoroughly cleaned and any minor repairs carried out.

For HS models, the body is stripped of all internal and external accessories, all paint removed to bare metal, and then sent off for re-finishing.

The suspension assemblies are fully stripped and all major components are shot blasted and powder coated. They are then rebuilt with all OEM, new or KWE-specified upgraded parts including braking and steering components.

Certain key parts are selected to give the required handling and ride characteristics. Upon return of the body, the suspensions are re-fitted.

The new engine is fitted along with all the reconditioned ancillaries. A KWE-specified exhaust system is fitted, and the engine test-run.

Final tuning is followed by a thorough electrical systems check and all defects repaired, with plenty of preventative maintenance carried out.

On HS models, the interior is re-fitted with new leather, carpets, woods and headlining.

On standard models the existing interior trim is thoroughly cleaned and the leather is treated. The external body parts are then re-fitted including some or all-new parts depending on specification.

The new wheels and tyres are fitted and the car is driven (at running in speeds!) to check suspension and braking systems and fine-tune the steering geometry and damper settings.

The climate control system is reconditioned, along with all the instrumentation and minor electrical systems. A very detailed lubrication procedure is then followed including many parts that would never normally be serviced.

The specified in-car entertainment and security systems are fitted.

Finally, the exterior is power polished and any last defective fittings or blemishes are repaired.

To mark the fact that so much of the car is new, the odometer is reset to zero miles.

The customer is invited to view progress on the vehicle at any time and regular progress pictures are posted online.

The car is then delivered with running-in mileage of up to 1500 miles.

Full documentation of the KWE process is supplied, with pictures online, on a DVD or on a memory stick.

Important: Please read our Insurance limitations here.

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