XJS & XJ from KWE Cars
Classic Spirit Reborn

We offer a two-hour on-site Condition Assessment of your classic Jaguar or Aston Martin.

The body is carefully inspected for rust and damage with especial attention to the underside and suspension.

The engine is assessed visually, aurally and on the road. Suspension, brakes & steering are assessed for wear, safety and performance.

All electrical and hydraulic systems are checked for condition and operation – from engine to courtesy lights.

A 2 to 4 page report is then written describing the car’s condition and we make costed recommendations on various levels of repair or improvement from which the client can choose according to budget.

You are welcome to wait while the Assessment is carried out or we can drop you off at a local pub for lunch.

Our customer room has free WiFi and we will provide refreshments – and plenty of magazines!



Our fees for Condition Assessments are:

£180 + VAT On-site at our premises near Newbury, Berkshire.

The above fee will be refunded if a sufficient level of work is ordered from KWE.

We can also arrange to have your car transported to and from our premises. A typical fee is £100 each way.

Sample Assessment

This assessment was carried out on a 20 year old XJS coupé in average condition.

View a typical condition assessment report (.doc 64KB)

Please note that KWE accepts no responsibility for any costs arising from errors or omissions in our Assessment. We do not use invasive procedures to probe faulty areas and so disguised or hidden faults may go unnoticed.

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