XJS & XJ from KWE Cars
Classic Spirit Reborn


KWE offers a range of options that go beyond our basic restoration and upgrade services

Prices where given are subject to change depending on exact specification.

Engine tuning

Increases in power of up to 30% can be applied to V12 cars. This can be improved upon but costs start to rocket. Modifications include: Digital Engine Management; Large bore exhaust; tuned exhaust; enlarged air inlets; enlarged throttle bodies; revised engine management; revised ignition system; strengthened engine components; revised air intakes

Listen to our V12 engine sounds.


Cars can be converted to 5 speed manual transmission (clutch, gearbox, propeller shaft, differential, pedal box, console modifications)

We can also offer conversion from 3 to 4 speed automatic transmission

The differential ratio can be changed to achieve either better acceleration or improved fuel economy (lower engine revs). Limited slip units can be specified


All leather surfaces can be renewed or colour-changed

We can re-colour and re-texture existing leather, and deal with most cosmetic trim problems. See here for more details


Nearly all our upgrades and all as-new cars will include the popular KWE full suspension rebuild which transforms these into precise-handling cars with superb Jaguar ride. However we can offer further improvements in handling by changing roll stiffness, ride height and springing


Our renewed braking systems are more than adequate for the car, but if heavy road use, trackdays or mountain driving are expected then we can offer higher performance brake discs, pads and a vented rear disc option –

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