XJS & XJ from KWE Cars
Classic Spirit Reborn


KWE offers full or part restoration, repair, renewal or upgrading of your own XJS, XK8/R, Aston Martin DB7 or Jaguar/Daimler XJ6/12 Series 1/2/3, XJ/XJR 300/305/308

We have a menu of packaged operations from which you can pick what you need and keep to a budget. Some prices are fixed and others will only vary if abnormal problems or excessive rust are encountered, or if you add to the requirement during the build stage. We recommend starting with our Condition Assessment which yields a comprehensive report and a price-up list of recommend repairs, restoration and upgrades.

We also specialise in re-commissioning XJ and XJS cars that have been left idle or stored for some time, or have us check your car over with our comprehensive Condition Assessment Report.

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