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Classic Spirit Reborn

The next important area is to recondition the engine, its ancillaries and perishable parts.

Results can be astonishing when lost performance is restored!

We offer three levels of fixed-price engine renewal. The lowest level is our very popular Perishable/15000 mile service package, comprising a chemical coolant and oil flush, replacement of all coolant hoses, drive belts and ignition leads along with minor tuning if necessary and a full 15,000 mile service for the whole car. This can be upgraded to a 30,000 mile service. This package addresses the most common areas of failure in a classic engine and returns a high level of reliability while not setting out to restore or upgrade the engine.

The next level is our Intensive Engine Overhaul which involves removing the engine, external strip and renewal or reconditioning of all ancillaries such as fuel injectors, pumps, fan, alternator, starter and the whole cooling system. This ensures very long life and reliability for old but low-wear engines.

Provided the engine has been well serviced and is under 80,000 miles for a 6 cylinder or 100,000 miles for a 12 cylinder this is usually all that is necessary to restore full performance and reliability to the engine. But where required or necessary due to excess wear or damage we offer a Full Engine strip and reconditioning of all internal and external parts, with a full cooling system rebuild, with optional fuel system renewal. We can offer engine and bay detailing including re-plated metal parts.

We can also offer upgrades to the engine’s power ranging from 5% to 30%. We have wide experience with the Jaguar V12 engines as well as the XK and AJ6/16 sixes.

Please note though that the AJ6/16 engines are almost impossible to rebuild fully since Jaguar cannot supply all the internal parts for them.



Fortunately these engines are superbly designed and seldom require a full rebuild.

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